Top 10 Corporate Theme for WordPress 2018

Once Bill Gates said that in the future there will be only two kinds of companies: those who are on the Internet and those who have gone out of business. Frankly, in the words of this notorious genius lies a large part of the truth. It so historically happened that nowadays the site and any of its derivatives serve as a kind of business card for the current businessman. People no longer apply for information of interest to such sources as newspapers and wall ad. The latter have long been outdated, giving way to a more convenient and affordable way of obtaining information, namely, the Internet. Well, it cannot be denied that the Internet has brought a lot of comfort to each of its users. Now you don’t need to crowd at the market and go shopping, spending the whole day off. In place of all these things came online shopping. Moreover, a large part of the non-trade business is also expanding its audience with the help of high-quality websites. Seeing this, today we have prepared a fresh selection of 10+ best professional and corporate WordPress templates.

To begin with, the products presented in the article are undoubted leaders of the current year. Therefore, each of the included WordPress is all the more relevant. The template codes were written in accordance with all current SEO requirements. For this simple reason, the created site will become noticeable for all existing search engines. Such as Google and Yandex! Another beauty of these incomparable WordPress templates is their adaptability. With this clever feature, the user will receive an online project that will look gorgeous on any device. We can hardly forget the times when site owners had to check how their brainchild looks on that or another screen. Fortunately, with the development of computer technology, you can forget about this problem!

Needless to say, the packages of each of these WordPress templates are full of various functions and design elements? Inside you can find a lot, ranging from packaging readable fonts and ending with carefully drawn ready-made pages. In short, a WordPress template is a package of various components, ready to use. Perhaps it is time to get to know him better!

1. Consultor – Business Consulting WordPress Theme

As already mentioned in the introduction, optimization with search engines is a very important moment in the construction of any online project, so Consultor was equipped with this function. Thanks to SEO readiness, a website created using this modern WordPress template will stand out from the crowd of its peers, which will immediately lead to an expansion of its audience. Another must-have function of Consultor is a quick contact form that will not only make the user closer to their customers, but will also allow them to ask all the questions they are interested in. Undoubtedly, this fast, fully equipped and ready-to-use WordPress template is ideal for building a website that will be presented by a consulting company.

2. ProStart – Startup & Corporate WordPress Theme

The next WordPress template is exactly what you need for a startup, as he is able to present a start-up company in all its glory. Inside the ProStart template is a powerful Power Page Builder that allows you to create and process new online pages without any extra effort. Of course, for this you do not need to work with the code or have any special skills whatsoever. In a nutshell, ProStart is a professional corporate WordPress template that will help everyone who wants to build a representative website.

3. Revirta – Virtual Assistant WordPress Theme

Speaking of Revirta, it is impossible not to mention that this WordPress template contains a whole bunch of remarkable widgets. With their help, you can easily refine your business project by adding to its design a variety of tablets, counters and graphics. Of course, each of these design elements is fully editable, so that any detail of Revirta can be customized according to the personal preferences of its owner. Moreover, the template package also includes a “sticky” menu that keeps on top of the site while the visitor scrolls down the pages.

4. HR Advisor & Business Consulting HTML Template

Equipped with a bright design, this business template is ideal for presenting such types of business as a consulting agency, training, personal growth courses, and so on. One of the essential functions of this bright theme is browser compatibility, which makes the site fast and beautiful, regardless of which browser it is open in. Moreover, the theme presented below is 100 percent adaptive, which means it will look cool on any device! And finally, do not forget that the package of this amazing template will give its user more than 500 nice looking fonts.

5. Invetex – Business Consulting & Investments + RTL WordPress Theme


For a start, Invetex provides its owner with a quick administrative panel, which undoubtedly is the basis for the construction of any site. Also in the package of this theme from WordPress you can find features such as Fontello icons and Back-to-Top buttons. Without a doubt, all this will help create a comfortable navigation, which is so important for attracting loyal customers. Summing up, it is safe to say that Invetex is a turnkey solution for creating a company website dedicated to taxes, law, finance, marketing, advertising, freelancing, etc.

6. Wegener – Construction & Engineering WordPress Theme

First, Wegener provides its owner with the ability to create menus of varying complexity thanks to the built-in MegaMenu plugin. Using it, the user can easily divide his content into categories and subcategories and decorate the site menu with images, which will positively affect SEO. Thus, the site created using this WordPress template will get easy navigation. With its help, each site visitor will be able to find exactly the information for which he came, and will do it with lightning speed.

7. Crypton – Multi-Purpose Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme

In recent years, bitcoins have become especially popular, so today is the time to get the appropriate site, and Crypton is a great tool for this purpose. The presented WordPress theme is multifunctional, which allows you to create not one, but several online projects at once. Inside this attractive template, there is integration with social networks, which allows attracting new users to the project. Also in the package Crypton is a modern blog, through which the user can share a lot of information with his audience.

8. Investments, Business & Financial Advisor WordPress Theme

As you can see from the demo version, minimalist fans will surely appreciate the design of this adorable WordPress finance and investment template. By choosing this theme, the user gets the opportunity to choose from numerous variations of headers and footers and, of course, enjoy the pleasures of hover effects. Inside the template is also Swiper slider, which helps the user to improve the appearance of text posts, as well as photos and galleries in general. Moreover, the below WordPress theme pack includes widgets for such popular social items. networks like Instagram, Twitter, etc.

9. ProHost – Hosting & Technology WordPress Theme

Being fully responsive, ProHost is a lightweight WordPress template that is perfect for creating a website related to hosting and technology, photography or a creative agency. By the way, this visually attractive topic was masterfully equipped with such useful features as WooCommerce, thanks to which ProHost will help you create an online store. The happy owner of this WordPress template can build a full-fledged online shop or simply add an online trading feature to his informative website or blog. In any case, ProHost does not require experience in building sites and is incredibly easy to use.

10. Swoop – Web Studio & Creative Agency WordPress Theme

So it’s time to get acquainted with this creative WordPress template – an indispensable product for a website dedicated to graphic design, photography, a creative agency, etc. By opening the Swoop version, you can see that the site owner will be able to automatically notify his audience about any updates and future events. Thus, potential customers will not only be up to date, but will also bring additional traffic to the site owner. Of course, this will affect the SEO results, changing them for the better, because the more unique visitors there are on the site, the better its reputation.

11. Life Coach and Psychologist Personal WordPress Theme

First, this unique WordPress template offers its owner to take advantage of options such as Essential Grid and Revolution Slider. Without a doubt, they will help the user to decorate their online project with visible visual content that will help to better convey the necessary information. Secondly, the specified product from WordPress is another topic, which is based on a professionally created minimalist design. This will help to leave the design of the site unloaded and profitably emphasize the necessary elements of content.

12. Dentario – Dentist, Medical & Healthcare WordPress Theme + RTL

Finally, one can not ignore this unique WordPress template, which was created for the rapid construction of medical online projects. Inside Dentario you can see three different variations for the main page, each of which is completely ready for use. Also, this topic allows its owner to easily change the color settings, so that the appearance of the resulting site is fully consistent with the style of the company he represents. Plus, the Dentario package includes a convenient editor that allows you to create new pages using the popular drag-and-drop technology.

Today, these were all the templates from WordPress that will help launch a quality business website in just a few days. Do not forget that the products presented are only a small part of the ThemeForest gallery. In fact, today the presence of a superb online project is no longer a luxury. Fortunately, the days when sites were only among well-known brands and popular actors have long been over. Now a decent online project has become quite affordable thing, and its creation has become a quick and even pleasant process.

Do not be afraid of difficulties, because, speaking of the design of sites, the goal really justifies the means. In addition, the themes presented by WordPress are so easy to use that their owner does not need to change or append the code. All that is needed today for a successful online project is the sincere desire to get it!

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