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Many sites have abandoned cumbersome forums and guest books for feedback from the audience, and instead have started using comment systems with appropriate entries. In them, the user can ask a question, share his experience or opinion, as well as read reviews from other users. At the same time, people don’t really want to spend a lot of time on the authorization process, multiple page reloads, look through annoying ads, etc. Today I will talk about an interesting AnyComment plugin that has gathered all the advantages of niche leaders and works without any fees.

Competitors and other options

Earlier in the plugins section of comments for WordPress, I already considered several modules for this task. The leader in this area is considered Disqus. The main feature, which I did not like then, was that all messages are stored with them, not with you. Therefore, each time the page loads, comments will be loaded from external servers, which significantly affects the download speed and privacy of the information (it is not clear what they do with it). Also, many decisions are not shy to show their ads (more recently Disqus is no exception). Large blogs may need a paid version for as low as 10 to 100 dollars (depending on the traffic of the web resource).

Some of you will say, “But I can use the standard form from WordPress, there will be no advertising and everything will be stored by me“. Theoretically, this is all true, but its functionality is rather limited.

  • First, when sending each new comment, the page will reload and, accordingly, without updating it, you will not see the record left by someone else.
  • Also, you will not be able to moderate / edit notes in the frontend, – to do this you need to go to the admin panel. If you need to edit only one note, it is not particularly fast and convenient.
  • In addition, there are no likes in the basic functionality, uploading files, embedded tweets … – and this is only a small part of what AnyComment does!

Possibilities and advantages of AnyComment

If Disqus is a kind of “totalitarian monarch”, then AnyComment is a “candidate from the people.” This is a project, steeped in the spirit of a startup, created by our compatriots due to numerous complaints about existing solutions. He appeared on the market quite recently, but it is impossible not to note its rapid development – apparently, the developers are going to create “Killer of all other comment plugins“. By the way, a demo version is available on the Internet.

Let’s talk about the benefits or why you should choose AnyComment for the commenting system in your blog. Of the benefits here:

  • Easy installation / configuration (detailed instructions are available).
  • There are Russian and English language versions.
  • Simple and elegant user interface in the admin panel.
  • All data loads very quickly.
  • Visual statistics and analytics.
  • Simple and convenient for moderation.
  • It is focused on security: all info is stored with you and only you have access to it.
  • To update comments, AJAX is used, which loads them when scrolling and notifies you of a new message.
  • Authorization via Twitter, FB, Google, VK, Odnoklassniki, Instagram is available, there is even Dribble, Twitch and GitHub! Favorite can always leave a review as a guest.
  • There is a dark or light theme to choose from.
  • Ability to disable the copyright module.
  • Attaching a link, picture or video to the text, they will be displayed as attachments.
  • Compatible with Akismet and WP User Avatar, so you can put your own avatar + effectively protected from spam.
  • And many other interesting customizable options.

Each of you is an important part of the community, in AnyComment they listen to all wishes and complaints (not for nothing is this a “people’s decision”). There is a special group in VKontakte or Telegram, where you can leave your feedback and directly influence the future of development!

Installing the plugin AnyComment

The fastest option is through a search in the admin panel. Go to the “Plugins” tab and find AnyComment there. After installation, click on the “Activate” button.

If you install it manually, then in this case download the archive from the repository from here. After that go to the section “Plugins” – “Add a new one”, where we select the option “Upload a new one”. Also, do not forget to activate it.

Commenting system interface

As soon as activation takes place, you will see the corresponding item in the menu. Currently there are 5 tabs:

  • console;
  • social networks;
  • settings;
  • integration
  • shortcodes

1. The console looks like this. Here you can find the top most active users + different statistics in a visual convenient format. In addition, current news of the plugin is published here.

2. One of the most important tabs for work – social networks. Here it is configured through which of them a person will be able to log in. Links to installation guides are in a prominent place (if you have any problems). After successfully setting up a social service, the green circle to the right of the name will light up.

3. Another equally important tab is “Settings”. Here you can: set the number of comments to be loaded by default; put a “lazy” gradual loading as you approach them (like Lazy Load for pictures); select a theme; activate sending notifications to the administrator / moderator about the appearance of new answers, etc.

4. Integration / compatibility with other modules / services. So far, only Akismet (anti-spam protection) and WP User Avatar (for managing avatars) are currently supported. In the future, this list will increase.

5. The last item includes all available shortcodes for the plugin.

The average implementation time of the module is less than 5 minutes. In general, you will need to configure and connect one of the social networks or activate guest mode (or both). Also, do not forget to see the available parameters in the “Settings” tab – it is possible that something here will also have to be changed for you.

Future development

Now over AnyComment is very active work. It has been completely rewritten to React, which gives even more opportunities to the development team, which always listens to the advice and complaints of the community – so if you have any wishes, complaints or even just opinions on the topic, share them.

Scheduled for the near future:

  • Bugfixes on feedback from people.
  • More convenient visual setting comments.
  • The introduction of its own advertising, YAN, Adsens, etc.
  • Push notifications.
  • Increase the speed of the plugin.
  • Improvements for attachments: links, videos, pictures, etc.
  • The function of conducting competitions through a special embedded system.
  • Compatible with a large number of modules / sites.
  • Adding other social services.
  • More analytics and statistics.
  • Localization for other languages ​​besides Ru, En and much more …

Total To summarize the advantages of AnyComment, he really seeks to expand the basic commenting system in WordPress, approaching many premium solutions in functionality, but remains free. In terms of possibilities, it’s basically difficult to come up with something original: authorization via social networks, Ajax technology and uploading photos is a standard set of chips in this niche. Although plans for the future look as ambitious as possible – no one has yet had such a set of options.

If you have already set yourself on the AnyComment blog, write what impressions does it make you? Wishes and comments leave below.

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