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As you understood from the first article about how to open an online store, I started trading in metal quite by accident and, of course, I did not understand anything about it. I did not know the market, did not know the suppliers and consumers, did not understand the brands of metals, did not know anything, in one word.

Now it’s ridiculous to remember, but then because I had already quit two businesses before, because nothing worked, and because I decided to “ stop pissing and rushing, ” I promised myself that I wouldn’t I will be throwing this business for 3 years, no matter what happens and whatever happens. And then all my thoughts and energy flowed in a different direction: how to survive and then succeed with the help of this particular business. And not how to urgently find a job to get money.

Then I was very fond of reading books by Robert Kiyosaki, and my favorite book was the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad (what rich parents teach children – and the poor do not teach)”. This is a very good book, thanks to her I became involved in business. She is very inspiring and helps to understand important things.

Never work for money!

I strictly followed the advice from this book, and there it was written that the rich work for hire not because of money, but because of knowledge. Robert advises – never work for money! I took this advice very seriously. And … What do you think I did? You will be surprised now … In one year, I got a job at 7 (yes, at seven!) Metal trading companies, in parallel managing my online store. The goal was – knowledge and communication. In each company I worked for about 1-2 months. Everywhere they took me right away, because I masterfully learned how to get a job, I’ll write a separate article later on “How to get any job right the first time.”

I myself am amazed at my arrogance. But then, usually, just before the dismissal, I went to the owner or director and told me that I had my own company and that I got a job for the purpose of business intelligence. And offered various options for cooperation. The most interesting thing is that everyone perceived it positively, and we parted in good relations, and even tried to cooperate with some. While I was working there everywhere, I always tried to invest in their business to the maximum, and they immediately noticed me. Those. when I left each company, in a month I had time to do something very good for their business, and everyone was very happy with me, no matter what. Not everywhere, really. There were funny stories …

In one company, I do not remember why, but I did not say goodbye to the owner before being fired. Most likely, because there was no sympathy for him. He was very harsh on the staff and did business. I hacked and rewrote their database with customers and suppliers. In addition, I tried to lure his best sales manager to work. The manager refused and “passed in” me. In general, the owner found out. And then I met him, what do you think, where? In Mega in “Children’s World” (Moscow). I was there with my wife, little son and mother-in-law.

Life is an amazing thing! It was necessary to meet him and precisely there. I have never met anyone in any other stores or friends, or even just acquaintances. He rushed at me in anger with fists, mats and threats when he saw. He just blew off the roof. I grew up in a provincial Siberian city, where I was often thrown at me with fists and threats. Therefore, it did not make any impression on me, and after 10 minutes of conversation, he told me that I was a “cool kid,” and we agreed to communicate and, possibly, cooperate. At parting, he invited me to visit his office. Most importantly, my wife and mother-in-law reacted to this with humor, laughed and said “what a fool” about him, they fully supported me. And they were aware of all my adventures. Thank them for that!

Do what you are a pro!

After I worked in 7 competing companies, I got flooded. I knew all the suppliers and consumers, I had the phones of all decision makers, I knew all the employees of competing companies in sales and purchases. I was friends with many of them, and they supplied me with all the necessary information, helped me. I even officially collaborated with some former employers.

I knew where and how all these companies advertise, how much they invest in it and how they are looking for customers. I knew which product was selling well and which was not selling at all. I knew the prices in the market. I knew everything!

In addition, I stole from one company the best sales manager with many years of experience. And he became my partner. In the first month, as he came to my place of work, sales increased from 100 thousand to 3 million rubles a month! Already it became easier to breathe. Has ceased to stifle a lack of money.

Before that, I hired several sales managers, but they could not sell anything, arguing and saying hundreds of excuses. Conclusion – take the best jobs and motivate them well!

I do not advise how I engage in industrial espionage, but if you want to open your online store, then you must work in this area for at least several years to have connections, know suppliers and potential customers, understand the product and know the market well. Without this – success can not see!

Some may find it unethical to obtain information in this way, but I believe that in war as in war, and I only care about myself, my family, my friends. And if someone does not know how or does not want to check the employees whom he hires, why not use it for his own purposes? And why hire a person as a sales manager, who is officially the CEO and owner of several legal entities?

They say: “Knowledge is power!” And I would say this: “Knowledge is money!” I think Robert Kiyosaki is right when he said: “Never work for money!” In general, before you start something, it is advisable to understand well in this, not like me … Without knowing the ford – do not go into the water)!

I always liked to act as Bonaparte Napoleon said: “The main thing is to get involved in a fight, and then we’ll see.” To me, this course of action is very close, but it is not always the most effective. Preparation and your readiness for battle are very important.

In the following article, you will learn what risks exist when opening an online store .

And from the column “ How to open an online store “, which is now in the process of writing, you will learn:

  • how to create an online store website for free;
  • how to promote online store for free today;
  • how I managed to give the impression of a huge corporation sitting at home without money with an old computer;
  • how I made my first huge deal;
  • how I honestly paid all taxes to the penny, when no one paid them, and what problems did I have because of that (Huge!
  • how to save on taxes when opening an online store;
  • what is better LLC or SP for an online store;
  • how to cheaply organize accounting online store.

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