Best 20 WordPress Theme for Medical Institutions

Most people do not trust state medicine, believing that in private clinics they will be served faster, better, and without a queue. Promotion on the Internet is a modern method, easily reaching the target audience, working wealthy people from twenty to fifty, who are active users of the network. You can even do without a programmer and make the site yourself; premium WordPress templates will help with this. The presented twenty will allow to orient and choose the most attractive.

1. Cloe Brooks – Psychology, Counseling & Medical WordPress Theme + RTL

WordPress templates for medical institutions are narrowly focused and designed for a wider range of tasks. This template is intended for psychologists, but can also be used for other projects in the field of medicine. Of the obvious advantages

2. Dentalux – A Dentist Medical & Healthcare WordPress Theme

From the name it is not difficult to guess that we are talking about a dental clinic. The author offers a beautiful clear demo with marked benefits, you can use the ready-made WordPress template for a medical center. All scripts and settings are adapted to the basic devices.

3. Dentario – Dentist, Medical & Healthcare WordPress Theme + RTL

Another great medical WordPress template created for dentists and dental clinics. In stock

4. Renewal – Plastic Surgery Clinic Medical WordPress Theme

This wordpress template for medicine is dedicated to plastic surgery. On the basis of a ready-made pleasant responsive design, it is easy to make an attractive advertising resource. Many options for placing a portfolio.

5. KindlyCare – Senior Care & Medical WordPress Theme

Designed as a base for a nursing home site. It is not difficult to adapt to the day hospital, hospital. From the functional

6. Life Coach and Psychologist Personal WordPress Theme

Minimalistic pattern of the psychologist will cause the trust of visitors. The owner can easily customize the menu, photos, design elements – no need for knowledge of web programming languages.

7. Optometry, Optician & Optics Store Medical WordPress Theme

Optics is another non-state medical field with good business returns. The template offers to make a great site with trendy parallax effects. The basic design is pleasing to the eye, which is important for potential customers.

8. Isida – Plastic Surgery Clinic | Medical WordPress Theme

Originally conceived under plastic surgery or cosmetology. Adapts to any medmatics thanks to

9. Psychologist – Therapy and Counseling WordPress Theme

Theme for WordPress, dedicated to the services of a psychologist. Tells about the nuances of copyright techniques. In stock

10. Pinevale – Addiction Recovery and Rehabilitation Center WordPress Theme

Designed for a clinic / institution providing drug and alcohol treatment services, as well as rehabilitation services. A pleasant green and white gamma evokes subconscious confidence. The functionality of the template allows you to create a website that has everything you need to present the clinic online: a page with reviews, detailed contact forms, online chat.

11. ProDent – Dental Clinic & Healthcare WordPress Theme

Universal medical template WordPress. Conceived under the dentistry, it is easy to turn into a wide-range resource due to the abundance of settings.

12. Dr.Patterson – Medicine & Healthcare WordPress Theme

A template for a medical facility with multiple options of fully developed design. It is possible to customize the color schemes. All parts are adapted for viewing on mobile devices.

13. LuxMed – Medicine & Healthcare WordPress Theme

A selection of topics is suitable for a premium class clinic due to its well-designed design and convenient functionality. Initially laid the possibility of creating a large resource with an abundance of information, including your own blog.

14. Therapy – Health and Medical WordPress Theme

The Therapy template is ideal for creating sites of the Medina institution: clinics, hospitals, emergency departments, as well as for the beauty industry. Of the obvious advantages

15. Hypnotherapy and Psychologist WordPress Theme

16. Albertino – Science Research & Technology WordPress Theme

This WordPress template is ideal for an institution engaged in scientific and technological research. Also, it can be used to create a website for a research project and an innovative center, bureau or laboratory. The main advantages of the template

17. Health & Care – Medical WordPress Theme

Attractive landing page style template. It is more voluminous than it looks at first glance – you can tell in detail about the specialists working in the clinic. Easy to use, just change the pictures and text.

18. Avicenna – Alternative Medicine WordPress Theme

Laconic template with the wide possibility of adding one of the best selling elements – social evidence. Testimonials can be reposted directly from customers’ social networks. Designed for services of a wide profile.

19. Dental Clinic, Medicine & Healthcare WordPress Theme

A universal theme with several design blanks. Elements can be combined to your liking, they are all perfectly prepared for display on mobile devices, they will be “understandable” to search engines.

20. The Children’s Clinic WordPress Theme

A pleasant theme will appeal not so much to children as to their parents, because they are the target audience. The minimalist theme in soothing colors will give confidence that the clinic will definitely help the baby. Configured in a few clicks.

Final Word

WordPress templates for medical institutions are ready-made options, including design, forms, scripts and everything you need to work. They are enough to download, install on a hosting and use, attracting customers. The proposed ready-made themes do not require long adjustments; it’s enough just to put your text and images in a visually understandable editor.

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