5 Best Performance WordPress Themes

Users need to think about a considerable measure of things when picking a subject for their WordPress site. The most vital parameter is execution. Tragically, not many individuals consider this factor imperative enough while going subject shopping.

This article covers five of the most famous paid WordPress topics that are notable for their strong execution metrics.

The measurements underneath are recorded according to the fundamental execution tests performed on those themes:

1. Newspaper

As clear by the name, this WordPress subject is essentially for bloggers, editors, columnists, distributing houses, magazines, papers, audit locales, and so on. Paper gives you a chance to make blog entries without any difficulty and solace. In addition, the subject guarantees incredible help and is easy to use. Paper underpins YouTube recordings alongside a rating framework. You can likewise coordinate it with bbPress Discussion, BuddyPress, WooCommerce, and so on. Paper underpins all the best Web optimization rehearses and is straightforward and fast.

The score can unquestionably be enhanced by portraying the connections and catches utilized for switches and JavaScript control appropriately. Paper scores high over every single real board. JS and CSS pressure and picture streamlining are a couple of standard enhancements that can be connected. In any case, generally it’s a decent topic on the off chance that you are searching for an elite website.

Here are the execution measurements for Bridge

  • Pagespeed bits of knowledge – 76% for mobile
  • Pagespeed experiences – 77% for desktop
  • Pingdom score – 93 %
  • webpagetest.org – AAAAA☒.
  • load speed as supported by Pingdom – 1.19 s
  • Page weight crosswise over chrome advancement devices – 1.5 Mb
  • Accessibility Review score – 86%.


For more than four years, AVADA has stayed extraordinary compared to other moving topics. Numerous clients think of it as a standout amongst the most trusted and finish subjects for WordPress destinations. The subject accompanies integral assets and choices, responsive system, stunning help, boundless structures, and much more. You can look at the demo before purchasing this theme.

As plentifully obvious from the measurements, AVADA is an extraordinary WordPress subject that scores extremely well over all the real parameters. These tests were performed by ThemeFusion and it could expand Site visit bits of knowledge score for the work area variant from 48% to 88% by changing the picture weight. This implies the kind of pictures transferred to the site has extraordinary ramifications for the execution. Thus, it’s great to see that AVADA is worked as per this accessibility.

Here are the execution measurements for Avada

  • Pingdom score – 92%
  • load speed – 0.97 seconds
  • Accessibility review – 94% (excellent)
  • Pagespeed experiences – 73% for mobile
  • Pagespeed bits of knowledge – 88% for desktop
  • Page weight – 1.3Mb
  • webpagetest.org – Straight A’s

3. BeTheme

This is a powerhouse of adaptability and the ideal fit for your WordPress site. Be that as it may, the triumphant point about BeTheme is the enormous determination of more than 300 pre-assembled sites which give it a remarkable edge over competitors.

BeTheme rushes to stack just in light of the fact that the makers have organized the noticeable substance with the incorporation of basic stylizing.

Here are the execution measurements for BeTheme

  •  Pagespeed bits of knowledge – 76% for mobile
  •  Pagespeed experiences – 87% for desktop
  •  Pingdom score – A review at 98 %
  •  webpagetest.org – Straight A’s.
  •  load speed as supported by Pingdom – 1.27 s
  •  Page weight crosswise over chrome advancement devices – 1.8 Mb
  •  Accessibility review – 80% (the complexity proportion isn’t sufficient because of the topic being dim. Also it doesn’t utilize the ARIA codes properly).

4. The7

This WordPress topic accompanies consistent reconciliation with Extreme Additional items and Visual Arranger. Likewise, the topic offers more than 750 choices for different organizations which make it a standout amongst the most exceptionally adjustable subjects out in the market. Despite the kind of the site, the topic could be tweaked to introduce the ideal mix of usefulness and looks. The7 has its very own Plan Wizard Highlight which is super simple to play with and makes customization of the topic components a bit of cake.

There are some missing alt characteristics for a couple of picture components and the shading contrast proportion could have been something more. All things considered, the availability is strong and the components are very much organized. These tests were performed on ‘The7 – Development demo’, that rushed to stack on the grounds that the pictures and different components rushed to load.

Here are the execution measurements for The7

  •  Pagespeed experiences – 64% for mobile
  •  Pagespeed bits of knowledge – 91% of desktop
  •  Pingdom score – D review at 68 %
  •  webpagetest.org – Straight A’s.
  •  load speed as supported by Pingdom – 1.51 s
  •  Accessibility review score – 83%


5. Bridge

Another Ground-breaking WordPress subject, Extension accompanies over a 100 demos. The substance of the considerable number of demos are anything but difficult to import.

All and all, it is a decent topic to wager on with a couple of minor special cases where things could have been something more. For instance, if there was the choice to minify HTML, it could have helped support the Pagespeed bits of knowledge score (despite the fact that the score is now incredible for work area) Choosing a quality oversaw cloud hosting is prone to add a genuinely necessary lift to the execution numbers.

Here are the execution measurements for Bridge

  • Pagespeed experiences – 78% for mobile
  • Pagespeed bits of knowledge – 91% for desktop
  • Pingdom score – B Review (80%)
  • webpagetest.org – AAAAA☒.
  • load speed as verified by Pingdom – 1.11 s
  • Page weight crosswise over chrome improvement apparatuses – 1.6 Mb
  • Accessibility Review score – 91 %.

Wrapping Up

If you check out a bit, you will discover a lot of promising WordPress subjects out there. We gave you five of the most prevalent and high performing topics alongside their execution measurements. Do think about these benchmarks to choose the correct subject for your next WordPress projects.

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