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eForm v3.6.2 – The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder Plugin

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Download Free eForm v3.6.2 – The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder PluginCodeCanyon Premium WordPress Plugin is Here NullDaddy.Net

eForm v3.6.2 (Previously Known as FSQM Pro) is an advanced and flexible form builder that can be integrated into your existing WordPress site. This is a complete form management solution, for quizzes, surveys, data collection, payment estimation and user feedback of all kinds.


  • Introduced 38+ Material Inspired Form Themes.
  • Introduced refreshed admin interface, better form builder and a theme customizer.
  • Added Defaults, URL & User Meta data for form elements.
  • Added Readonly state for form elements.
  • Added Repeatable Fields.
  • Added Appearance option for thumbnail select.
  • Added Custom URL Submission feature.
  • Added WooCommerce Integration.
  • Added WordPress Core Integration – Login, Register & Guest Post.
  • Added Form & User Statistics Shortcodes.
  • Renamed our product to eForm – WordPress Form Builder
  • Huge improvement for Reports & Analysis.
  • Introduced Leaderboard functionality.
  • Added Payment Integration with PayPal and Stripe
  • Added jSignature element
  • Introduced more form submission limitation options including opening date, expiration date, submission interval etc.
  • Introduced Stopwatch to record form submission time
  • Made Google Charts responsive
  • and MyMail integration
  • Raw score-based redirection and ranking
  • Added 6 new elements – Thumbnail Picker, Smiley Rating, Like Dislike, Matrix Feedback, Matrix Dropdown, GPS Location Picker
  • Auto Save on user’s browser
  • Pop-up forms with custom dialog buttons
  • Reset forms with an optional button
  • Conditional logic for containers (tabs, pages etc)
  • Third party integration for Mailchimp, Aweber, Get Response and Campaign Monitor
  • Quiz timer with automatic submission (overall and page specific time limit)
  • Mathematical evaluator element to calculate complex formula from user input
  • Categorizable form with filtering option
  • Conditional logic on submit button
  • Social networking share option at success message, e-mail and trackback
  • Beautiful and responsive email template with added customization options
  • Customization of summary table on trackback
  • Customization of trackback page to show/hide summary table, full submission and trends
  • LaTeX support on labels and options (via jetpack plugin)
  • Score attributes to rating elements with multiplier
  • Score attributes to slider and range elements with multiplier and custom formula
  • Total Submission limit per form with custom error message
  • Option to disable scroll to tab/page top along with offset
  • Anonymous submission to disable logging IP Address and User account
  • Override-able minimum, maximum and step values for grading and spinner options

Demo & Download eForm v3.6.2 – The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder Plugin

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