20 Best OpenCart Templates For Online Store

Today I would like to draw attention to OpenCart. Many people call this platform ideal for several main reasons. To begin with, it is very easy to use. Even those who have no idea what programming is and what they eat with, will be able to work with OpenCart. This platform comes with a variety of options that allow you to control sales and everything connected with it. And also it allows not to spend a huge amount of time on the personalization of an online store. And everything becomes even simpler if the user has one of Opencart templates.

It is for this reason that I decided to familiarize myself with the assortment. Popular OpenCart Templates, choose the most spectacular of them (in terms of both design and functionality) and include them in this selection.

Let’s quickly move on to them and find out which one can be chosen to create an online store, which certainly makes noise in web space …

1. MegaStore – Multipurpose OpenCart Template


MegaStore is an interesting template with a well-organized layout that allows you to present any of the products in the best possible way. Its design adapts to any of the screen resolutions, so you can not worry about what kind it will take on different devices. The process of site personalization is very simple. And unlimited color solutions will allow you to play with the appearance of an online store.


2. Electrify – OpenCart template for electronics site

Electrify is definitely one of the most impressive solutions developed for an electronics site. An easy-to-use demo data installer allows you to get a ready-made site in one moment. Need to give users the opportunity to subscribe to the newsletter? In this case, you can use an excellent module created specifically for this purpose. If someone needs to present customer feedback, this is also an absolutely realistic mission.


3. FallIn – OpenCart template for a clothing store website


Without a doubt, users will definitely be delighted with the site created using this stylish theme. Modern and attractive Google-fonts will help to draw attention to any important information. Multilanguage support will allow people from all over the world to order clothes on this online store. In addition, they will be able to shop using all kinds of browsers and devices.


4. Powertool – OpenCart template for a tool store site


Do you dream to attract the attention of the target audience to the online store of working tools? Then think about choosing this particular template. And, as we all know, genius is in simplicity. The installation process is more than simple, so no one will have problems in this matter. The owner of this template will have the opportunity to present to the attention of users a variety of information using a blog. And you can also interest potential buyers by inviting them to subscribe to the newsletter.


5. Beauty Store – OpenCart template for a cosmetics store site

Excellent template that is ideal for creating an online store cosmetics. Try to play with the fonts and colors of the site and, thus, create a site that is definitely not inferior to the rest in terms of design. But do not forget that the functionality of this template is also quite impressive. Excellent multilanguage support, newsletter module, as well as the ability to view the site using various browsers.


6. Minva – OpenCart template for a furniture store site.

Minva is a trendy template that will surely attract the attention of Internet users to a particular furniture store. Do not have a great knowledge in programming? Do not worry, this template will allow anyone to get a unique and attractive site. Also, do not forget that the future online store will be accessible to all users, regardless of which device or browser they use.


7. Rise – OpenCart template for a cafe site

I have already said a few words about the template for the pizzeria site, now we need to pay attention to the template for the cafe site. One click with the mouse – and the site is almost ready, you just have to fill it with relevant content. By the way, for the perfect presentation of a cafe, you can work with fonts and choose the most suitable and eye-catching. And, of course, visitors will be able to use both smartphones and laptops in order to familiarize themselves with the site.


8. Cosme – OpenCart template for a cosmetics store website

More than a great template that will be the perfect assistant for those who are going to create an online cosmetics store. In order to attract the attention of fans of social networks to the site, simply use the built-in news feed Instagram and Twitter. Drop down cart and menus will precisely facilitate online shopping and product selection. And do not forget about the wonderful Parallax effect, which will undoubtedly force users to visit the online store again and again.


9. SnuffCigar – OpenCart template for a cigarette store website

SnuffCigar is a modern template that includes a huge number of ready-made pages. Provide all information about the online store, allow customers to view your purchase history, contact the site team and much, much more. Users will have access to a quick view of products that they can easily add to their wish list. They will also be able to sort products using a variety of options.


10. Funi – OpenCart template for a furniture store site

Colorful and unusual template that will become an assistant in the construction of the site of a furniture store. Its design makes fall in love with the site just from the very first seconds. Users will not cost anything to find the right products for the reason that they are distributed in different categories. In addition, the ability to subscribe to the newsletter should please those who want to know about new products and discounts in the online store.


11. KingBurg – OpenCart template for burger site

Just perfect for creating a burger site. This is another template that allows you to create your own order, including a different number of certain products in it. Excellent mega-menu will allow you to create a clear navigation that will guide visitors in their search. And to make it even more simple, they can use the excellent Ajax Search.


12. Florist – OpenCart template for a flower shop site.

A very elegant template that can surely be called one of the best options for creating a flower shop. Using a beautiful slider, everyone will be able to present the range of online store in the best light. In order to draw visitors’ attention to discounts and special offers, you can benefit from a countdown timer. Also, buyers will get a chance to compare bouquets in order to choose the most spectacular one.


13. Ritools – OpenCart template for tool store site

Another template for the site shop tools, which is definitely worthy of attention. Just a single click of the mouse – and the site is almost ready, you just need to add all the necessary information and an assortment of working tools. Multilanguage support allows you to present all content in multiple languages. And it doesn’t matter what browser potential customers are going to use. The site will be correctly displayed on various platforms.


14. Kitchen – OpenCart template for kitchen appliances website

Kitchen is a cool template created for those who do not want to spend a lot of time developing a website for a kitchen appliance store. The module for the newsletter will provide an opportunity to inform regular customers about the most anticipated novelty or discounts. In addition, the site will always adapt to any screen resolution. Thus, you can absolutely not worry about how the online store will look on different devices.


15. Fashion – OpenCart template for a clothing store website

Do you think that you need to put a lot of effort into creating a high-quality and attractive clothing store website? It includes a mobile design that will allow the site to display correctly on a smartphone with any screen resolution. Do not forget about the opportunity to describe the services and provide customer feedback using the features included in the template package. If you need to make information available in several languages, then pay attention to the excellent RTL support.


16. KidBoost – OpenCart template for children’s clothing website

Want to sell designer baby clothes online? This cute template certainly will not leave other chances – only to fall in love with both the design of the online store and its range. Minimalistic design of this template will not distract the attention of visitors from the most important content. You can also use product icons, a carousel for their presentation, a quick view, and many, many other options to convince users to select these products.


17. Wine & Cheese – OpenCart template for a wine shop site

Unique template with an impressive design and great functionality. Everything is designed to ensure that the site of the liquor store leaves no one Internet user indifferent. In order to get a unique home page, which immediately introduces the basic information, use the builder, designed specifically for this purpose. In addition, various fonts and the template color switch will allow you to customize the design under the main idea of ​​the site.


18. Jewels – OpenCart template for a jewelry store site

Jewels is a truly gorgeous template that is designed to create a site for a jewelry store. Installation and customization of the template is incredibly simple. The user can not worry even if he does not communicate with the code on “you”. By the way, if you need to draw the attention of users to any particular details, then just use the blog to get them acquainted with any important information.

19. Redbox – OpenCart template for the site autorun

Redbox – is a powerful template that will turn the process of creating a site for car services in the most simple and fast. The template can be installed with just one click of the mouse, and then just fill it with all the necessary content. Visitors can use any of the browsers to view the site, because this ready-made solution is compatible with all modern browsers. Do not forget about multilingual support, which will allow absolutely all users to familiarize themselves with the services and products offered.

20. Amelia – Multipurpose OpenCart Template

And completes this selection is another multi-purpose template that can be used to create an online store with any products. With it, everyone can develop a modern resource. His responsive design will fit each visitor and the device that he decided to use to view the online store. And about the installation process and template personalization in general, you can say just a couple of words – very simple and clear.

Competitors. After all, all potential buyers will be able to pay attention. You need to rely on just a few factors. What is the best design? By answering these questions, you can immediately understand which of the templates is best suited for creating an online store. Anyway, I’m more than sure about one thing. Which of these templates you do not choose – any will bring the expected success!


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