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Visitor Signin System v1.0.1 is a PHP Web Application is a simple and easy to use check in & check out procedure for visitors on a single check in and out station, So you can keep track of people who visit your office. Please check out our documentation at


  • Visitor Management
  • Utilize the windows tablet front facing camera to take picture of Visitor
  • Signature to be captured when a visitor checks in
  • Print out badge with visitor picture and name for visitor
  • Easy install with simple steps using install.php
  • Full Log capability when visitor gets force signed out and deleted
  • Table log of user logins and data modification
  • Dual-user permissions groups (admin and basic user accounts)
  • Admin Approvel prior to new user account setup
  • Captcha™ math problem on login/forgot/register pages to protect from brute force attacks
  • Full Feature Admin Section; with user management, additional logs, and panel settings
  • Clean user friendly interface
  • Highly configurable (Commented Code)
  • Can turn off feature take picture of visitor
  • Maintenance Mode if you don’t want to have any visitor’s signin
  • Email Notification when visitor signs in and when user registers for the admin back end
  • Export Visitors to Excel (CSV File)
  • Image of Visitors with signature are stored in the database encoded so no file storage makes it safer.
Version 1.0.2 – 7 JUNE 16 Changelog
  • + Added visiting contacts list drop down on signin page (Will send email to contact letting them know the visitor has signed in.
  • + Added import/export feature for contacts.
  • + Added Vehicle Registration Field.
  • + Added functions to turn on and off some of the signin features.
  • * Fixed log insert issues.
  • * PHP/HTML bug fixes and improvements.
  • * PHP Notice/Warning fixes.
  • * Updated install.php to fix install issues and add more fields to table.

Demo & Download Visitor Signin System v1.0.1 – Premium PHP Script

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