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WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.25.0 posts from various sources to WordPress automatically.

Free Automatic WordPress Plugin can post quality targeted articles, Amazon Products, Clickbank Products, Youtube Videos, Vimeo videos , Feeds posts, eBay auctions, Flicker images, Instagram Images, Pinterest pins, Twitter tweets, Facebook posts, Craigslist classifieds and SoundCloud songs on auto-pilot.

Plugin Features List:

  • Auto post content from Feeds.
  • Fetch full content from summary feeds.
  • Extract specific parts of original feeds posts.
  • Search and replace.
  • Original time posts.
  • Extract Categories.
  • Extract original tags.
  • Extract original author.
  • Skip posts with no content.
  • Skip non-English posts.
  • Skip posts without images
  • Post oldest items first.
  • Decode html entities.
  • Convert encoding before posting.
  • Duplicate title skip.
  • Featured image from Facebook og:image tag
  • Auto post amazon products to wordpress.
  • Browse Nodes support.
  • Price range filter.
  • Search order support
  • Search Criteria support
  • Add to chart purchase link.
  • Woo-Commerce support
  • NEW: Search and replace can now be applied to only titles
  • NEW: option to disable posting urls for comments author
  • NEW: option to disable deactivating keywords for an hour if there is no new items at the source
  • NEW: new facebook tags added for campaign template. [image_src] and [external_url]
  • Improved: Categories now get displayed in hierarchical layout
  • Fix: Clickbank module now back to work after recent changes from Clickbank
  • Fix: Google news feeds and Google alerts feeds are now compatible with feeds module
  • Fix: Canonical tag now gets added only when the option to set it is activated.
  • Fix: Instagram tags as wordpress tags now works normally
  • Fix: Youutbe non valid next page now get removed.


Version 3.25.0 (7 November 2016)

  • NEW: Facebook now posts more than 100 posts
  • NEW: New option that makes the plugin post urls that was already posted (under wpml option)
  • NEW: Twitter two new option to skip retweets and replies
  • Fix: Important security fix
  • Fix: Twitter now displays image of the tweet for long truncated tweets
  • Fix: Facebook events posts now has the event title as wordpress post title
  • Fix: Translation now translates images alt text as well
  • Fix: Amazon region now get saved correctly
  • Fix: Envato more than 60 pages returned now deactivates keyword (Envato limits number of returned items to 1800)
  • Fix: SoundCloud no image sounds now uses the item user image as the featured image
  • Fix: Name cached images with post title now strips special chars
  • Fix: Fetch full content now returns the original title instead of the in-feed title
  • Improved: Campaigns page now displays part of feeds if there are a long list added

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